Solomon’s Molt

Come see Solomon now!


Solomon has molted.  He has gone from:



Solomon 03 January 2017 subadult male Phyllocrania paradoxa(Ghost Mantis) shot with Nikon p610


Solomon Phyllocrania paradoxa(Ghost Mantis) male 15 March 2017 shot with Nikon p610

These are some raw shots….

and he came out of this:

his previous “skin”

Nature is so weird, isn’t it?


I am actually quite frightened of him.  It’s like, he’s a totally different creature because he looks different, but I know he’s the same old Solomon.  I haven’t held him yet.  I just had him on the stick and transported him onto the table to take some shots of him.  Males fly but the females do not because they’re too heavy.  We had a male last summer that was wild caught and he flew from the living room into the kitchen before we caught him.  I am a little nervous about that.  But I know in time I will get used to handling him just as he will get used to being in his “new skin”.

Now I am just waiting for my little girl to catch up.  I’m sure it won’t be too much longer and then she’ll be all grown up too.

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