New Mantises

A Mantis friend of mine from Chicago had some mantises up for adoption and I said I would like them.  My best friend lives out in Chicago and she said she would take them in the interim and bring them out the next time she comes home.  I now have six.  They’re four males and they’re called Pseudempusa pinnapavonis or peacock mantis.   They’re elderly and almost at the end of their lifecycle.  They’re considered an exotic species here in the US and not a lot of people have them.  At first glance, they just look like any ordinary mantis. Brown in colour and plain. But only until they pull their threat pose.  This is a large praying mantis species originally comes from south of China and Indonesia.

Adult female of Peacock mantis (Pseudempusa pinnapavonis) in the photo has really outstanding threat pose showing two eyespots and bright colouring. One of the best threat displays ever seen. You can clearly see here where this species really gets its name from.



Author: Heather

Saved by grace. All to Jesus I surrender, Lord I give myself to Thee. Have thine own way. Wife of Chris. Lover of reading, writing, horses, praying mantises, and photography.

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