Your Inspiration For Thursday 20 April 2017


We can’t live ethically without caring about ourselves as well as others.

—Winton Higgins


1 : ragged or disreputable in appearance

2 : being in a decayed state or condition : dilapidated

The exact origin of tatterdemalion is uncertain, but it’s probably connected to either the noun tatter (“a torn scrap or shred”) or the adjective tattered (“ragged” or “wearing ragged clothes”). We do know that tatterdemalion has been used in print since the 1600s. In its first documented use, it was a noun referring to a person in ragged clothing—the type of person we might also call a ragamuffin. (Ragamuffin, incidentally, predates tatterdemalion in this sense. Like tatterdemalion, it may have been formed by combining a known word, rag, with a fanciful ending.) Soon after the first appearance of tatterdemalion, it came to be used as an adjective to describe anything or anyone ragged or disreputable.

“ThreadBanger features episodes about making clothes and other D.I.Y. endeavors that will make you wish you could live life all over again and be a tatterdemalion steampunk kid from San Francisco.”
Virginia Hefferman, The New York Times, 21 June 2009

“Layoffs in the refinery, paper mills and brewery that anchored the economy after its shipbuilding and merchant trading days ended have left many striking 19th century buildings of the compact, hilly downtown in a tatterdemalion state but have not torn its welcoming, small-town atmosphere.”
Philip Hersh, The Chicago Tribune, 21 Nov. 2014

There is nobility in the struggle, you don’t have to win.
Sharon Pollock


If you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.
Conan O’Brien

Inspiration for the Day: Today, notice when something is difficult and try not to avoid it.

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Happy Easter! Here is some inspiration for your Easter Sunday 2017!


Jesus is alive!

He is not here;
he has risen!
LUKE 24:6

 Word of the Day- interminable adjective :having or seeming to have no end; especially wearisomely protracted

The word was borrowed into English in the 15th century and descends from a Latin combination of the prefix in– (“not”) and the verb terminare, meaning “to terminate” or “to limit.” The word describes not only something without an actual end (or no end in sight, such as “interminable oceans”), but also events, such as tedious lectures, that drag on in such a way that they give no clear indication of ever wrapping up. Other relatives of interminable in English include terminate, determine, terminal, and exterminate.

Hayley didn’t think she would have the patience to sit through another interminable radio pledge drive without changing the station at least once.

“Garrett Richards’ first thought when he found out about his torn elbow ligament in May was to schedule Tommy John surgery as soon as possible.… Richards knew how to handle the seemingly interminable months of rehab, and he wanted to get the clock started on his return.”
Jorge L. Ortiz, USA Today, 28 Feb. 2017

It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.
Jonathan Safran Foer


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Your Inspiration For Thursday 13 April 2017

Some inspiration to kickstart your Thursday morning…


“If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the way. ”
Seamus Heaney

“Everything is dancing; even the molecules inside the cells are dancing. But we make our lives so heavy. We have these incredibly heavy burdens we carry with us like rocks in a big rucksack. We think that carrying this big heavy rucksack is our security; we think it grounds us. We don’t realize the freedom, the lightness of just dropping it off, letting it go.”
– Tenzin Palmo

Inspiration for the Day: Let go of whatever heavy burden you are carrying.


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Your Inspiration For Wednesday 12 April 2017

Here’s some inspiration to kickstart your Wednesday!


We humans have a way of touching each other’s lives deeply even despite ourselves. In finding our way to each other, we find what is, after all, already there, waiting to be found, wanting to be found.

—Andrew Cooper

Word Of the Day– snaffle :to obtain especially by devious or irregular means

Inspiration for the Day: Given the inevitability that life will end, appreciate the present moment.

Your Inspiration For Tuesday 11 April 2017

Some inspiration to start off your day…


We have to work diligently to keep our hearts open, just as we have to work to keep other muscles in the body strong.

—Valerie Mason-John

Angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry, I turned away.
F. Scott Fitzgerald


Your Inspiration For 20 March 2017

Here is some inspiration to kickstart your day. Hello Spring!

spring 2017

Isaiah 41 4


Your Inspiration For Sunday 19 March 2017

Some inspiration to kickstart your Sunday…


Each step may seem to take forever, but no matter how uninspired you feel, continue to follow your practice schedule precisely and consistently. This is how we can use our greatest enemy, habit, against itself.


The future is now. It’s time to grow up and be strong. Tomorrow may well be too late.
Neil LaBute

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